21 Year Old Gáy Guy Narrates How He Was Initiated To The Act In A Bush At 11 Years

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A 21-year-old guy has sadly narrated his sad ordeal about how he started his gày lifestyle at 11 years.

For the past 10 years, the gentleman has been involved in the act and is now willing and actually getting out of it according to him.

Narrating it, he said he started with his cousin who use to in the city, but usually came to the village for holidays.

He said despite him being older than his cousin with some few months, he managed to convince him to do it because his cousin was in the city and more enlightened than him.

He said the first time they did it, it was in a bush when they had gone to work to get some money. He also revealed they were caught by his big brothers and beaten for doing that.

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