21,000 Teachers Sacked In Nigeria After They Failed To Pass Exams Meant For Primary 4 Students

How is it even possible for a teacher to fail a simple test for a student? Well, some teachers have been sacked in Kaduna, a state in Nigeria after they failed an exam meant for primary 4 pupils.

According to reports we picked from Yabaleftonline.com, 21, 780 teachers, two-thirds of the total, had failed to score 75% or higher on assessments given to pupils.

So we asked, how hard were these questions that, the 21,780 teachers couldn’t solve? Well, the state’s governor shared some of the questions on Twitter and they are very easy questions a teacher should be able to answer.

See below:


The State governor, Nasir El-Rufai says, they are going to employ 25,000 new teachers since. He made the comment at a meeting with World Bank Representatives in the state capital, Kaduna.


“The hiring of teachers in the past was politicised and we intend to change that by bringing in young and qualified primary school teachers to restore the dignity of education in the state,” he was quoted as saying.

Mr El-Rufai said problems with pupil-teacher ratios across the state would also be addressed.

He said some areas currently had one teacher for every nine pupils while in other areas the ratio was one to 100.

Perhaps you should download the questions and try solving them as well.

Written By Chris Handler

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