30 Year Old Man Has Married His Own Blood Sister & Even Has A Child With Her-His Reason Will Shock You

A young man who is 30 years married his blood sister and even have a daughter with her has disclosed in an interview that, he was instructed by God to marry his sister or face death. Yes, this is a very chilling story but true and according to them, they are unperturbed by whatever comments people have.
The young man who is a Rastafarian known as Mawena, married his sister Dzibordi because according to him, it was a commandment from ‘God’.  Reports however, are that, they’ve been disowned by their parents.
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The country’s laws frowns on incest but 30-year-old Koforidua-based Rastafarian thinks otherwise and believes it is rather in tune with his faith to marry his biological sister.
Mawena who has a four-month old baby boy with Dzigbordi who is blood sister, publicly admits they have been having a good love life ever since they decided to be lovers regardless of what society thinks about them some years ago.
On Koforidua-based Bryt Fm, Mawena revealed that he had vision from God to marry her sister after fruitless efforts to find a partner, a comment that left host of the programme Ekow Puncho and listeners spellbound.
“It was there that God told me to marry my sister before things will be okay for me in life, and he told me that if I refused to marry my blood sister, he will kill me and I did not want to die”, he claimed.
“I was not interested in my sister, but I have no option, because I cannot defy my creator,” he added.
Sister turned wife said she is naturally attracted to her brother and when they are in the mood for love making she sees whatever goes on as normal.
Though both have been disowned by their parents for engaging in what could pass for a sacrilege in the African customs and traditions, Dzigbordi said she agreed to marry his brother in fulfillment of God’s direction.
She praised the brother for showing much affection indicating that it informed her decision to leave the parents home and join him in a rented apartment indicating that it will be extremely hard to divorce the man he has much fallen in love with.
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