5 Most Basic Tips To Keep A Diary

If you have always dreamt of  writing a diary but are unable to do so then we are here for help. Many of the people are fond of maintaining the diary but they are unable to gain that motivation. Many a times they buy the diary and sit down to pen their thoughts. However, very rare is the case when they actually fruitfully complete writing the diary. If you are one of those who are unable to keep a diary then you are reading the right article. You can also refer to Writing Done in order to know how to begin with the task of diary writing. Here 5 Most Basic Tips To Keep A Diary.


  • Make it a part of daily routine


Instead of taking it as a pass time activity, initially you need to take as a task. Make it a point that be what so ever the circumstances you have to write a page or two of the diary before going to bed. Initially it may act as a burden but eventually you will be able to enjoy writing the same and it will become a habit of yours.

  1. Enjoy the depth of words you use

Instead of simply jotting down the points make it a point that you use phrasal language that you enjoy writing and later reading. Use words that add to the meaning of diary writing.

  1. Sit with true self

When you sit down to write the diary, make sure that you are in yourself. It implies that write what you truly feel and not what you want others to read. Remember that diary is something very personal and it is only between and with you.

  1. Get engrossed

Forget the world when you sit for diary keeping. Reveal all your secrets, all the things that have happened throughout the day needs an entry into your diary. Forget everything and just concentrate on your feelings. You need to enter all those things, that made you happy, that made you sad, that bought a smile or a frown on your face and also that you would like to change. This way you will be able to enjoy and reap the maximum benefits of diary writing.

  1. Do  not break the routine

Make sure that you need to do this task anyhow. Initially, you can begin by taking out just 15 minutes. Later when you will start enjoying the task then you will be able to devote more time towards diary keeping and that too willingly. But never make an error of skipping to write the diary.


All in all, these are the 5 basic tips to keep a diary. Though it is a fact that in many individuals this is an innate habit but this is also true that many of us have inculcated this habit with the passage of time. After all, there is no one who is unaware about the positive influence of diary writing.

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