5 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Without Using Any Slimming Products

When it comes to weight, a lot of women become very insecure. And those who have gone through the process of childbirth are often in a hurry to get back to their original shape before getting pregnant.

This can be frustrating sometimes. Some women lose weight faster, others don’t even gain weight during the whole pregnancy stage. This is because every woman is built differently and their hormones are also different and act differently.

Well, the following steps are for those breastfeeding moms who want to get rid of the excess fat without harming their babies in any way.

1. Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day: The first step is very simple but sometimes can be very difficult. Remember that water is a great way to remain full and act as a natural detox. It keeps your skin clear and hydrated.

2. Eating a healthy diet: This doesn’t mean starving yourself to death or eating only “grass”. Eating healthy means adding mixing your diet. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is a great way to start. Instead of eating your usual “banku” with just plain pepper and fish or protein of your choice, try and add a bit of mixed salad ( without the mayonnaise or ketchup). Make sure your salad is more than the banku and by the time you are done eating all your salad, you’ll be too full to eat two balls of banku. Depending on the fruits you desire, make a smoothie. You can search online and find some amazing recipes which will keep you full all day.


3. Incorporating Moderate Exercise in your routine: don’t just sit at home eating all day in your pyjamas while breastfeeding the kid. Get up, put on some sneakers, put your baby in a stroller and take a walk in the neighbourhood. If your neighbourhood is too noisy, you can just take a walk around the compound. Also, if for some reason your compound is not big enough or too noisy as well, you can do simple stretches from the comfort of your room. You can just stretch out in your room and download some of the simple exercise routines online and follow the steps. Don’t exert yourself, rest if you feel tired after a stretch. It’s very important.

4. Get as much sleep as you can: I know this is almost impossible especially for new moms with crying babies. But if you can afford it, hire the services of a nanny. Get your mothers involved, get your siblings involved. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you need to be able to get at least 8hours of sleep if you want to be healthy and lose weight while breastfeeding your child.

5. Breastfeeding frequently: I bet you didn’t know breastfeeding your child helps you lose some calories. So don’t shy away from breastfeeding your child, do it with pride because, in the long run, you’ll enjoy the benefits.

Now before you do any of the above, MAKE sure you CONSULT with your doctor. This is because not all women have the same process when it comes to weight loss.


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