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Valentine Day has become a part of our culture now in Ghana, and every year, we celebrate the day of love with several countries around the globe. I bet everyone now knows the story of Valentine by now, so I need not write a whole article telling the story again. In case you still want to read it, click here.

Well, I am fully aware that this same day, Valentine Day has been changed to Chocolate Day in Ghana. So on that day, some people choose to celebrate it by eating chocolates or getting one for their loved ones. For those who still want to celebrate the day but are pretty much confused on what to do, I have five places, you could go with that special someone to enjoy the day. This year, the day falls on a Saturday so you have no excuse, make time and show some more love. 

So what can you do on a Valentine’s day to make that person feel very special

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1.Take That Person Go Eat Some Pizza.

Yeah, it’s a day of love, and for me if, one of the best things to do is to go eat some pizza with your loved one. I will recommend the best pizza joint in Ghana at the moment, Eddys Pizza. They have about 12 different pizza varieties on their menu and they have sizes from small to jumbo. The prices are very very affordable and the taste is the best your tongue could ever die for. Because it’s Valentine day and I am recommending this place to you, Ghbase.Com will be giving out pizzas to three lucky couples! Yes, it’s simple, just take a picture of you and your loved one and post it with a romantic message with the hashtags #eddyspizza #ghbase and I will find it and choose the winners. Those of you who have more than 1 partners, automatically you are disqualified2Take

2.That Person to Go See A Movie

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Another exciting thing you can do is to go watch a movie on Valentine’s day. Yes, you can watch a great movie at the Silverbirds in Weija and the one at the Accra Mall. On that day, there are some couple of great movies that will be showing. Because they have not paid for this, I wouldn’t be able to give all the movies, but because I am a good guy, I will suggest some of the movies you can watch and at what time. There is this comedy movie, 30 Days In Atlanta, It’s completely hilarious and if you want to make him/her laugh, you should see that movie. There are other interesting movies like Kevin Hart’s “The Wedding Ringer” another great movie and there is also this love movie “The Longest Week”. If you want something action, and not the love thing, you can watch “The Hobbit, Battle Of The Five Armies” in 2d and 3D. Watch the 3D if you want her to jump onto you, when there is all that shooting. The movies usually start from 11am and the last movies start at 9:30pm, so choose the best time that will be suitable for you. Incase, you are looking at your budget, don’t get scared, the most expensive ticket of any of the movies, you will buy is Ghc30, that is if you want to watch in 3D.

3.Take That Person To The Beach:

Yes, I love going to the beaches and since the day it’s a Saturday, another place you can hang out with him/her is the beach. It’s a holiday and the place will be lively. If you don’t want to swim, you can just sit on the sands and tell each other all the reasons you love each other, share some drinks, or you can cook something and do some small packaging from the house and go have fun there. It’s one super-exciting thing to do

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4. Invite Him/Her,& Cook Your Favourite Meal Together

Well, not everyone wants to go out on Valentine day, some people just want to be at home and enjoy the day and that is also great. You can invite him/her over to your place and cook a delicious meal together as a couple. If you are already married, you can still do that. Cook the best meal, play your favourite love songs, pop a champagne, eat, laugh and take a bath together.

5.And  You Can Do This If Your Pocket Is Feeling A Bit Sick

Well, if the heavy slaps from the economy has hit you in the face and in your pocket and you don’t have money to do take her/him out, you can still do something. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. All they need to know is that you love them, and on this day make them feel special. You can just walk around holding hands together, telling jokes, lying on the streets to watch the stars at night, listen to each other’s favourite song. Write her a poem if you.

Well, those are my tips on how to celebrate this valentine day, if you have any questions, tweet at me @chrishandlergh. Do comment below, who knows I could call you for a free movie ticket.


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