5 You Probably Didn’t Know About One of Ghana’s best Dancer Allo Maadjoa

Benjamin Opoku, also known as Allo Maadjoa, is a Ghanaian dancer and musician. He is one of the dancers who have contributed to the spread of the Azonto dance and other Ghanaian dances across national and international boundaries.

Despite this, not everyone is familiar with Maadjoa, as evidenced by the following five facts about the dancer that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Allo Maadjoa was the first to discover the dance style known as lyrical. Many Ghanaian dancers, as well as those from other regions of the world, have made extensive use of this style.
  2. Born to parents who are both from Ghana’s Ashanti area, he is the second child in the family.
  3. In 2018, he announced to the public that he had gained an interest in music and since then have cooperated with a number of artists from throughout the nation.
  4. He is the creator of allo dancers and the discoverer of more than 50 Ghanaian dancing talents.

  1. Maadjoa is the first Ghanaian dancer to receive one million streams on YouTube for a single dance video and has won six awards for the best dancer in the Ashanti region.

Check out Allo Maadjoa’s new song below.



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