E.L’s ‘King Without A Crown’ A Diss Song To Flowking Stone?

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2015 has been a year which saw several controversies which includes musicians having problems with fellow musicians either directly or indirectly.

There have been situatons where one musician will make a track to diss a fellow musician,probably because of the bad relationship that exists between them or because of a self-acclaimed title.

EL is one of Ghana’s finest rappers and arguably the most versatile rapper in Ghana.He released “King Without A Crown” (K.W.A.C.)some few months ago. I personally love the track  but think it is directed to one other musician.

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EL is not known for doing such tracks but I’m very sure he was pushed to the extent where he couldn’t take it any longer.

It may be directed to Flowking Stone who calls himself the best rapper in africa. Flowking claims he is the king of rap in Ghana and EL could possibly send this indirect message to him,since Stone claims other rappers tremble at the mention of his name. EL would want Stone to know that even though he claims he is a king,he doesn’t have a crown(meaning)no one recognizes him to be the king of rap.Maybe he is better than some underground rappers.

EL stated in the track that he could ‘murder’ any act who tries him in a rap battle and that screw any one who doesn’t put him on top of the list of best rappers. He  just doesn’t want to be compared to any rapper since he knows he is the best.

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EL could be very right in what he stated in the song since he’s had  several nominations in awards schemes in the ‘Best rapper’ categories,thus emerging as the winner in the best rapper category at the 2015 VGMAs.

Flowking Stone is also an exceptional rapper and I think he is good at what he does.

Even though art is all about competition now,it should be geared towards pushing the industry further,instead of hating on other players in the industry or giving self-acclaimed titles,trying to gain fame for one’s self.

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When one works hard and is on top of his game,he needs not to praise himself but his achievements does the talking for him.



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