LOVELY…Read Becca’s Romantic Message To Bisa Kdei

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These two great talented musicians just can’t hide their feelings for each other anymore and it doesn’t surprise when they share posts mentioning or hash tagging each other.

True love they say is not about looks or what one posseses;it’s about how you feel for that one person,with him or her around or not. You could go length and breadth to do anything just to be with that special someone.

Becca in one of her posts recently, captioned that” #HW3 Love is a beautiful thing!! I fell in love with you not for how you look,just for who you are.”

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She then hash tagged “BK” which definitely,are the initials for Bisa Kdei..

See the message below:


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That’s a brief but deep message Becca sent across to Bisa. In an interview I held with Becca some few weeks ago,she described Bisa to be a lovely young man and a good artiste. Action they say is louder than words and as she talked about Bisa,her mood changed and you could see love all over her. You could watch the interview here:

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Boss Bisa,please hurry and marry the diva else “efit tear for her eye top” lol..Wishing you the very best in your love life.

I promise to bring you exclusive excerpts from their union.

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