7 Ghanaian Hit Songs No One Thought Would Ever Fade

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Good music they say,never fades. In recent times,most of our Ghanaian artistes have a very big problem with the kind of songs they make. production is bad as well as the content which is very poor. The very thing some of them are interested in is to make music and follow the trend everyone is doing.

I could boldly mention about 20 songs that still sound fresh and still pap when been played even after several years of production.

Question is, what makes these hit songs fade or die after a short period of time?

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#1. Zigi -“U Sey Weytin”

This dude had his song been jammed to everywhere. Honestly,it was a very popular song which made the term “u sey weytin” come to stay. I haven’t heard of this hit song in over 2 years and the artiste himself,I should say he has gone into exile.


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