Is Nikki Samonas Sekzually Unsatisfied? She’s Relying On Dildos & Sekz Toy Books

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Being a celebrity can sometimes be a tough thing and it’s one of the reasons why I don’t even want to be one. If not for that, am sure like by now I would be one of the famous sexy actors in the world. ( Can’t I dream?…Lol)

Nikki Samonas is no doubt the bikini queen and with her gleaming and infectious smiles, it’s no doubt, she can win any man over because she’s beautiful and fair as well, my kind of ladies. But it appears Nikki Samonas isn’t satisfied  at all.

Yes, the actress in a series of Snapchat videos and pictures revealed her crave for dildos and even has bought books on how to use these sekz toys. From what she posted, she created an impression that, she’s not getting the sexual satisfaction that she needs or that she’s single.

nikki samonas
A screenshot from Nikki’s snap account

We cannot confirm that, but then for a woman to have a dildo and to even have 3 books on them, then it says a whole fu*king lot about them. Dildos are used by most women nowadays because they feel they do not get to orga*m when having sekz with their sekz partners. Some also do you use alongside that of their sezkual partner for more pleasure.

As far as I know, when you give a woman great sekz, she needs no dildo. Nikki Samonas must have experienced orga*m in a very long time then, not to talk of even squ*rting.

What do you think? Why do girls use Dildos? Are they better than the real pen*ses? Share your opinion in the comment box below and share this post to support us. 

Hey Nikki! Am here, you might want to give me a try….hehehehhe


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