7 Simple Ways To Wearing The Classic Trench Coat

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Now that winter is over and spring is starting to show in all its glory, it’s time to ditch those heavy coats and jackets. Trench coats are undoubtedly a fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe. These coats have been worn for over 100 years and remain very much a classic till date. Owning a trench coat symbolizes one’s indulgence into this stylish yet historic realm of fashion. Trench coats are loved for the multi-purpose nature from shielding us from a drizzle to layering on those chilly spring days. These coats are featured with a water-resistant material and lined from the inside to make sure you are always warm and comfortable.

Trench Coat

If you are looking for an investment piece to add to your closet, go for the trench coat. A classic Burberry trench coat to be precise. It’s an iconic piece that can make a fashion statement on its own. The original design of this trench coat was typically tan; however, this has long changed. Nowadays, the coats come in different colors, lengths, materials and designs. Don’t be scared to splurge on color. The choice is solely on an individual’s tastes and preferences not forgetting to take into account one’s body shape. Below are 10 simple yet inventive ways to impeccably style the trench coat;

  1. FITTING IS CRUCIAL. A trench coat needs to fit right with your body shape. The shoulders shouldn’t be too wide while the sleeves are not too long. You ought to wear a coat and not the other way round. Make sure to make good use of the lapels to accentuate your figure but don’t exaggerate. Wide lapels aren’t recommended for curvier ladies that don’t need to look curvier than they already are.
  2. IF YOU ARE TALL, CHOOSE A LONG TRENCH. Trench coats are designed in several lengths with the common ones being long. These typically go down past the knee but just above the ankle. For taller ladies, always opt for the long trench coats as they will make you look well put together. Shorter ladies, on the other hand, shouldn’t opt for long trench coats as they make them appear even shorter.
  3. SHORT TRENCH COATS GIVE A FITTED LOOK. The shorter version of a trench coat goes just below the hip area, slightly above the knee. This particular trench goes with a pair of jeans and a sweater and an effortless knot at the front for that snatched look. Unfortunately, it’s not a good choice for taller ladies.
  4. TRENCH COATS FOR FORMAL LOOKS. A formal look can be achieved by wearing a long dress with either heels or ballerina flats. The trench coat should come just below the knees. A long ankle-length dress emits a classy yet edgy look.
  5. LET THE OUTFIT STEAL THE SHOW. The trench coat can easily be used to tone down a look awaiting the ultimate reveal. You simply need to wear a lightweight trench coat as you step outside and strip it when you reach the event to reveal your outfit. If you are adorning a cute LBD, tie the belt to the back to show the dress off.
  6. AVOID DOUBLE BREASTED TRENCH COAT IF YOU ARE BUSTY. Ladies with bigger upper bodies should stay clear of double-breasted trench coats as they only add more unnecessary width to your upper body making one look unproportioned. A single buttoned-down trench will simply do the trick.
  7. GO THE ATHLEISURE WAY. The athleisure trend has gone to show that sportswear isn’t worn only for the gym these days. One can wear a matching tracksuit or some nice athletic pants with a basic tee with a neutral-toned trench coat to run some few errands around town without being frowned upon.


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