LOL: Manifest Just Made The Police Arrest Sarkodie For Looking Like A Mess

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We all know of the steaming beef between Sarkodie and Manifest and just when everyone thought the waters had cooled down, Manifest is doing something that would infuriate Sarkodie even more.

When Manifest dropped his song “godMC” anyone who loves music, needs no soothsayer to know it was directed at Sarkodie. The rapper indirectly dissed Sarkodie  several times in the song.

Sources close to Sarkodie hinted that, the BET winner was very very emotionally hurt when he head godMC because he was surprised Manifest would do that. In a haste to reply Manifest, Sarkodie also dropped a mixtape titled “Kanta” in which he also dissed Manifest so much.

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Of course, everyone was expecting Manifest to reply with another song but he didn’t but rather used the opportunity to throw subtle jabs at Sarkodie in tweets and social media posts. has gathered that Manifest is shooting a music  video for his song “godMc” and from snippets that we’ve seen online, it appears Manifest really enjoyed the little publicity the whole godMc-Kanta brought him.

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From the snippet, we saw which we’ve attached below, a man wearing a winter hood was being  arrested by the police and it’s clear that scene depicts the one of the lines in his godMC song.

“Tell the fashion police they can make an arrest

These boys copying the west looking a mess

It’s retarded, tell to get me started”

The person has been casted to look like Sarkodie and was wearing a winter hoodie which Manifest thinks makes him look like a mess…LOL

Watch the snippet in the video below and tell us what you also think

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