A boyfriend who does nothing for you on your birthday doesn’t love you– Woman charges on social media

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As far as this woman is concerned, a man who does not go all out to make his woman’s birthday an unforgettable one fraught with gifts is not truly in love.

According to the lady who uses the Twitter handle @RemelRossco, women dating someone who does not acknowledge their birthday should be dumped.

She said that if a man doesn’t throw a party or get his girlfriend presents for her birthday, it proves that he doesn’t care for her.

She wrote: “If you’re dating a guy and he does nothing for your birthday, he’s not that into you

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Plain and simple, and idc for the excuses.”

Find reactions to her post below;

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@ameelya88; The same applies. He knows you’re gonna be seeing vids & pics of other couples enjoying and he’s purposely making you miss out on that too? Cruel.

@tarrynlondon; I once dated a guy who (on our 4th year together) didn’t know the reason we were going out for dinner until I told him it was my birthday that day 💀

@Quivver119; The men in the comments… this is why yall the most single and lonely demographic

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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