‘A Good D!ck Shoud Dangle In Between A Man’s Thighs’- Actress Vicky Zugah

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Actress Vicky Zugah is going all raw on social media. According to her good di*ck should be able to dangle between the legs of a loyal guy.

She took to her Instagram stories and posted;“Calm Down Sis, Good D** ain’t sh*t if it’s not dangling between the legs of a loyal Nigga!!!”.

We don’t know what triggered this post but it’s obvious she might have been given a hot doggy style with a long rod shortly before she made the post.

Recently, Vicky Zugah in a new video has warned the public to pray and be vigilant.

According to Vicky Zugah, she saw an impending war which seemed to be very violent and bloody. She implored on religious leaders in Ghana to pray for Ghana. Vicky Zugah added that her dreams usually become reality so her message should be taken seriously.

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