A Plus Alleges That The NPP Is Set To Use 5-Months To Destroy New Ghana Cedi Notes Designed By The Former Government

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Kwame A-Plus, who has now become an anti-corruption campaigner, has revealed in lengthy Facebook post that the Nana Akufo Addo led is planning to set ablaze newly printed Ghana cedis note which was designed under the former government.

A-Plus added that some of the notes are brand new in containers which are yet to be cleared from the port. Here’s what he wrote:

“As we speak today, the bank of Ghana has already spent 1 week destroying new cedi notes printed by the previous government but has not succeeded in destroying 10 percent of the total sum which has to be destroyed. Some of the notes are new ones in containers which were not cleared from the port before the NDC left power. The reason why they are being destroyed is that the NPP decided to print new ones so the old ones must be destroyed.

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Why is it that every government prints new notes? You will not believe the cost of printing these notes. It can build schools and hospitals for many deprived communities. Why do we take our money, give it to white people to print new money, only to change the design and destroy them? Why does every government design and print new notes? I don’t understand it?

Information I have is that, the money to be destroyed is so much that, it will take about 5 months to completely destroy all of it. What was wrong with the design of the old notes that we had to redesign new ones and destroy the old ones?

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At our current state, do we honestly believe that our number one priority to move Ghana forward is new designs of cedi notes? The sad thing is that NDC will also come to power and design new ones.

The money paid to those who destroy it can build schools for villages. Those people are richer than business tycoons in this country. Oman fo sei. Ghana!!! Tweaaa!!!

I don’t want to hear “I’ll go to court.” I watch your CCTV cameras from my bedroom. Don’t try me.

I’m Halfman Halfbosom”


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