A woman who keeps her money away from her man isn’t submissive — Marriage counsellor

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Jane Chukwu, a marriage and family counselor from Nigeria, recently made a very contentious claim regarding the importance of being submissive in marriage.

She said that a woman who lives with a guy but continues to save money for herself is not submissive.

In a Facebook post, the relationship guru stressed the importance of a woman demonstrating her submissiveness to her boyfriend by giving him all of her money.

“Dear women, if you have not submitted your money to your husband, your submission is incomplete,” she wrote.

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When asked by a user if the same applies to men, Mrs. Chukwu said men are superior, so they need not be submitted to anyone.

“Is this vice versa?” the user asked, to which she replied, “Chisom Adaora Onwuka, is there equality in marriage? When you say vice versa, then you want equality; you are the subject; you are to submit.”

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