“A Woman’s Wedding Day Isn’t Her Happiest Day”-Etinosa Idemudia

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Every woman certainly looks forward to their wedding day; it is a day that is believed to be the happiest day of a woman’s life, but to Etinosa Idemudia, this is not entirely true as there is another day more important to a woman than that.

According to the actress, those who hold that believe that the wedding day is a woman’s happiest day, have not had the experience of delivering a baby and just watch back to hear it cry.

According to Etinosa Idemudia, her happiest day wasn’t her wedding day but it was the day she looked into her little daughter’s tiny eyes.

In the eyes of that tiny kid was life, one that she begot and that feeling, by her insinuation is second to none, one she can’t compare to the day a man put a ring on his finger and made her his.

Etinosa Idemudia made this known in an Instagram post.

“Whoever said a woman’s wedding day is the happiest day of her life has obviously never experienced a successful childbirth.

The day I held my daughter and looked into her tiny innocent searching eyes was the happiest day of my life xxx,” she wrote.

Given how difficult it is putting to birth with all the pain a woman has to go through to deliver, it certainly is a moment to behold when they finally deliver safely and just sit back and watch their baby make that first sound of many they would have to deal with.

The sigh of relief when a baby finally comes out of a woman’s womb after nine months is just priceless and that has got to be a woman’s best feeling according to Etinosa.

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