Abraham Attah Is Now A Big Star But Then He Needs This One Thing

Abraham Attah is trending and I bet is he is the most popular Ghanaian now. Thanks to Cary Fukunaga, a street vendor has been transformed to an international superstar and he’s functioning in his ‘ambassadorial’ capacity in the image of Ghana to the fullest.

Few days ago, the young man was once again on the spotlight when he was adjudged the Best Male Lead at the Independent Film Spirit Awards. The speech he delivered has been the ‘bone of contention’ back here in his native home. Three radio personalities passed a seemingly harmful joke on his ‘thank you’ at the Oscars, a joke that has spawned swift social media frenzy.

In fact if insults could kill, Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and Mzgee the main ‘antagonists’, would have been dead by now. Much has been said about this topic already so I really don’t want to take sides; as to whether Jay and his associates are justified in what they did. The only thing I can say is that the spontaneous reactions which condemned the three presenters were over the roof.

abraham attah
Abraham Attah At the Independent Films Spirit Awards

Now back to the main issue: in the wake of Abraham’s near speech fiasco, I strongly recommend that his oratory skills; with respect to his command of the English language should be enhanced.

When Lupita Nyong’o burst into the limelight, she was groomed by her handlers; even things she writes on her twitter account are thoroughly checked before they are posted. The chap has a sort of swag and confidence which is interspersed with infectious smile but that is certainly not good enough to carve a niche for him in the world of glitz and glamour.

Instead of Abraham relying on the negative aspect of this situation, he should see it as a wakeup call. As a matter of fact, he issued a statement to his critics on Instagram which contained minor blunders too. So this is the more reason why Abraham needs to be groomed.

Lots of people would say intelligence is not measured by eloquence. In this short period, the Beast Of No Nation child actor has won almost all the awards he for which he is nominated. Therefore he would be chased for interviews and it stands now, anything that comes out of his mouth would be viewed with microscopic lens.

I particularly love him for his great acing prowess and I pray he sustain his new found star status. Good English also counts.


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