Accra Akotolante residents stream Nigerian thief Live on Facebook, give the thief girlfriend in addition after repentance

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A Nigerian thief apprehended in Akotolante, Accra was given a unique surprise. Instead of meting out immediate retribution to the robber, the compassionate crowd helped the frightened criminal.

To add validity to their generous deed, they televised the whole session with the burglar on Facebook Live as they fed, clothed, and counselled him.

In a live broadcast, the youth leader explained why they didn’t lynch or beat the robber.

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“We’re kind. “Gas” won’t kill or defeat you. We changed your clothing, helped you shower, and fed you. “We selected that treatment when we found you stealing,” the leader of Akotolante area boys stated.

The burglar thanked the group for their generous gift. He also confessed he would have been murdered if found elsewhere.

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He praised his rescuers. He then ate Banku balls and was given a girlfriend on top. His independence was expensive. He had to clean the whole town.


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