Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals After Her Confession Of Sleeping With Apostle Suleman Gave Her More Suitors

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Popular Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has finally opened up after her confession sometime back alleging that she had a romantic relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

She noted that the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide had an affair with her and was paid but after the confession, she was faced with massive backlashes which made her go off social media.

Well, in a recent interview with Maryjane Eze, the actress emphasized that her confession would not affect her plans of getting married and starting a family.

She said, “Confessing that I had slept with Apostle Johnson Suleman jeopardize my chances of getting married? No, never! In fact, it is even now that more suitors are coming. I’ve always had suitors. I have suitors today and I will always have suitors, always because when you come close enough to know the person, you’ll be very glad to be attached to my life. I’m not worried, marriage is a done deal. That’s not even the issue. I can’t even marry a dumb person because it’s only a dumb person that’d say I can’t marry you because of anything. Why? Okay, are you trying to say if I didn’t say this thing, keeping quiet about my past, does it make me any better? Some people have done the worst things, terrible things. Are you even going to be happy that you are going to be with someone brave enough to come out to say ‘I did this’, own it and said but I don’t want to continue anymore? I think that’s even the best kind of wife or husband to have. People who are ready to spill the truth, whenever and at any cost. So, my suitors have even increased since the confession. I can boldly say that a husband is not the problem, it’s all about me. I’m the one to make the choice. I’m the one to decide who and when”

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Speaking on how her family and fiance reacted following the confession she recounts,

“My fiance was quite supportive because he was the first person I confessed to and I told him everything and many more. And he’s been in the picture even before I got baptised, he knows my spiritual life, he knows my relationship with God then and now.

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“This is what happened and I’m sorry. If you don’t want to continue the relationship, that’s okay and he said no, I even love that you are bold enough to tell me this. He then said, I want you to make it public, I can’t keep it down anymore. I said, fine. If that’s what’s going to help you, then who am I not to do it”

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