Actress Jemima Osunde Says She’s Not Ready To Cook Or Wash In Her Marriage, Her Husband Either Has To Get A Cook Or She Will Get One

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It is very common these days to hear so many established women who are still unmarried make some outrageous comments about marriage.

These women ordinarily would jump on a man that promises to marry them if they were not able to provide for themselves, but ones they have what it takes, they spell out what they want in their marriage and not just any man can come any closer to them.

In one of those comments spotted on the internet, a Nigerian actress, Jemima Osunde has said that she is not ready to cook, wash, or do anything that will make her suffer in her husband’s home.

She makes the point that she doesn’t want to suffer, as she didn’t suffer in her father’s house and so whoever marries her would have to get a cook and laundryman for the home.

According to her, she is not ready to wash her husband’s clothes neither will she wash her own, adding that marriage is not something that should put anyone in some sort of manual labour.

“You will get us a cook and laundry person. Or I will. Either way, I won’t be the one cooking and washing anybody’s clothes including mine & I don’t expect you to either boo. Marriage does not = manual labour that I don’t like, can afford to outsource & is really not necessary,” Jemima wrote on Twitter.

Jemima Osunde added that she is not ready to do any work that she wasn’t doing all in the hope of keeping her marriage.

“God forbid that I start doing what I wasn’t doing before (which I know is not sustainable) to keep anybody. There’s a huge difference between compromising in your relationship and subjecting yourself to slavery. Why do we like stressing ourselves nitori olorun? Ko ye mi,” she added.


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