Actress Juliet Ibrahim slams fan who tried to body-shame her for having “pot belly”

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Actress Juliet Ibrahim slams fan who tried to body-shame her for having "pot belly"

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim slammed a fan who tried to make fun of her protruding stomach as a way to body-shame her for developing what many describe as a potbelly.

It all started when a fan tweeting with the handle (@theoloriherself) reacted to a photo of Juliet Ibrahim shared by one netizen where the actress is in a pool with her belly visibly out.

This fan replied by saying although she likes Juliet Ibrahim, he does not like women with big bellies. According to him, the big belly goes with the thickness of a woman thus Juliet actually fits the description.

“I like them thick but I don’t want big belle o” The belle comes with the “thick” package. Sho get??

This certainly rubbed Juliet Ibrahim the wrong way who replied this tweet by saying she does not have a big belly. Meanwhile, her tummy protrudes when she fails to exercise as ofter as she eats. She asked the fan to stop making women seem less beautiful for the sake of having huge or big bellies.

She wrote:

FYI,I do have belle! I have a Natural pot belle oo,and it protrudes every time I eat too much,bloat or stop working out,know why? Because I AM A WOMAN! Stop making women to feel less beautiful when they don’t look like your favorite celebrities edited or perfect angled photos dear



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