Adebayor reveals how he found out his girlfriend’s “Rich Uncle” was actually her Sugar Daddy

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There’s some new drama between Adebayor and his girlfriend Dillish Mattews and if they still get back together after this particular one, then it means they are made for each other.

Adebayor and Dillish have had this on-and-off kind of relationship but a new discovery made by Adebayor has sent him some shock waves, as he’s found out that, the man Dillish introduced to him as her “rich uncle” has actually been ‘eating’ her on his blind side.


In a couple of Instagram stories Adebayor posted, he revealed how his girlfriend Dillish had told him, she was going for a trip in Namibia only for her to wake up in Angola and when he confronted her about it, she said she doesn’t know how she got there.

Adebayor also disclosed that he had been giving her girlfriend Dillish Mattews money to give to her family but he later found out that, she didn’t give her family the money but rather distributed some of it to her friends.

That’s not all of the drama people! He literally broke up with her on Social media, describing her as a “bully” but above all, wished her the best in life.

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