Adelaide Bortier: Beautiful blind lady realizes her dream of becoming a professional musician

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There are countless stories of how an unfortunate event or accident has ruined the lives, aspirations and dreams of many individuals and homes.

These stories do appear like fairy tales when we are not close to these people or not the victims. A disability, while it is not an inability, tends to derail one’s goals and it normally takes a long time for one to adjust.

That is the story of the beautiful Adelaide Bortier. Adelaide was not born blind and just like many girls had high hopes…a long-lasting desire to become a professional musician.

However, when she lost her vision during her high school days, Adelaide thought at a point that her life has come to an abrupt end and there’s certainly no clear crystal light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, the loss of vision did not mean her talent and powerful voice was lost. Through the thick and thin Adeliade kept hoping and working hard on her talents with the belief that although she does not have eyes, she has the voice to make a definite difference.

Fast forward, Adelaide was discovered by Ghanaian twin musicians, DopeNation. Her talent wowed this duo and they have decided to sign her unto their record label.

With so much hope in her abilities, Adelaide said: “I can see beyond what the eyes can see.” Which literally means she is poised and ready to cause a change and be a source of hope to many people out there who for one reason or the other have given up already.

Adelaide has settled on the stage name “Adelaide The Seer” and has released a song with DopeNation titled “Wire Me.”

Watch Her Video Below:



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