Adu Sarpeah Writes: It’s Only Hypocrites Who Bashes Counselor Lutherodt For He’s Always Right

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The land of my birth or better still Ghana is characterized by people who’re quick to judge and mostly equate assertive people as being proud.  Similarly, the educated citizens are too lazy to read non-examinable content and rely only on captions or titles to draw their conclusion for the Holy Bible sayeth, appearance may be deceptive! Simply put, Ghanaians hate the truth and that’s why our leaders have been deceiving us right from the beginning with lies and deceit.


Because majority of Ghanaians are in haste to criticise and condemn the voices that speaks the hard truth that needs to be told, good people have been forced to remain silent. Therefore, it takes people who’re ‘extremely crazy’ to voice out the evils happening in our society. Even with that, such people are labeled as ‘attention seekers’ just because they’re quick to jump into other people’s matters for the betterment of our society.


Counselor George Lutherodt
Counselor George Lutherodt
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Ahh well, if we’re to continue like this, how are we going to progress as a nation because without constructive criticisms in our lives, people will continue to do the wrong things and no one will talk ill about it. For every society that disregards criticism is against progress!


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It’s as a result of this that Matin Luther King Jnr. once posited that ‘In the end we will remember not  the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends’. Yes, the silence of our dear friends! Truly, if there’s anyone in this country who has enjoyed a love-hate relationship from Ghanaians, then it’s no other person than Rev. Counselor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt.


His relationship advice and comments make many cringe or shiver. Without doubt, majority of Ghanaians see him to be the most controversial public speaker simply because his heart bleeds and pumps at a faster rate whenever the rules of relationship seems to have been broken from his far end.


Let’s not pretend, every loyal Ghanaian who has been following Counselor Lutherodt, the emotional fixer, as he’s affectionately called will agree to the fact that he’s always on point. He backs everything he says with complete facts and figures. Not too long ago, he went hard on ace actor Kofi Adjorlolo who’s in a relationship with a 27yr old Victoria Lebene.


According to Counselor Lutherodt, he’ll not sit down and allow Victoria Lebene to marry Adjorlolo who’s is in his late 60’s. Clearly, there’re so many old men out there who may be stronger in bed than Kofi Adjorlolo, therefore, if it’s true love Victoria seeks, he could have chosen a different old man rather than Adjorlolo. But because of his wealth, she’s using the name of love purposely to consume the wealth of the innocent old man. With this, tell me where Lutherodt got it all wrong?


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More importantly, most of our female celebrities in the county have reach a stage in their lives where they want to disrespect the oldest institution on earth. Thus, majority of them claims they don’t need a man because they’re successful in materialistic things. However, counselor Lutherodt in his right sense thought that our ladies are getting it all wrong because if they’re no longer interested in men, why do they go on to have sex with them?


To him, such female celebrities are in a state called ‘M.F.S’ (Ma Fa No Saa), and for that matter they easily give in to any man who comes their way. Because it got to a point in time when the ladies under discussion  used to shun all the potential suitors who came in their lives over the expense or pursuit of their respective careers. However, after they achieved their career objectives, they’ve realised that being a career woman doesn’t guarantee happiness in life.


Counselor Lutherodt goes on to say that female celebrities like Juliet Ibrahim, Nana Aba Anamoah, others, cries behind closed doors because they’re not legally married after all their wealth.


To make long story short, it’s high time Ghanaians appreciated people who’re bold enough to point our societal illness as Counselor Lutherodt is rightly doing from the relationship perspective. Because in the African context, no man is an island or better still no one can live in isolation. So humanity is bound to enter into relationship, therefore, we need such people to right all the wrongs and the suicide people are committing as a result of entering into wrong relationships in our contemporary times.


Henceforth, if you want to find out the true wisdom in the counsel of Lutherodt, develop the habit of listening to him from beginning to the end. Don’t just ride on the captions celebrity bloggers give to stories and make hasty or bias conclusions. Before you judge his personal point of view please make your own stands first.



Adu Sarpeah (Publicist

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