Adu Sarpeah Writes: The Relevance of R2Bees & Efya In Ghana Music Are Gradually Fading Ever Since They Joined Wizkid’s Starboy Records

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The slogan on the lips of most Ghanaian artistes happens to be how their craft will get international appeal. In simple terms, virtually every Ghanaian musician wants to go international, including up and coming ones. But in their quest to materialise their “international dreams”, they ignorantly sign for international labels and lose both “international and local” focus or dream in the long run.


Sometimes, they forget that it’s better to get a vibrant and responsive local fan base and recognition than a dormant international appeal. During the 17th Edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) held at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday May 7 2016, African music sensation Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun known widely as Wizkid announced the signing of Ghanaian artistes R2Bees and Efya unto his record label christened, Starboy Entertainment Worldwide.

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The announcement came as a surprise to most entertainment enthusiasts and pundits in Ghana and hopped for a better fortune in the new exploit of the aforementioned artistes. However, more than a year down the line, a comparative analysis of the relevance of R2Bees and Efya prior and after joining Wizkid’s Starboy in Ghana music can be seen as a degenerating performance .

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R2Bees before joining Starboy Entertainment Worldwide was the icing on the cake as far as Ghana music is concerned. Apart from Sarkodie who prides himself as Tema based artiste, the music duo was a threat to the Ghanaian rapper. R2Bees which is made up of Rashid Mugeez and Faisal Hakeem better known as Paedae was consistent with producing hit songs whenever they hit into the studios of KillBeatz and other producers.


Namely, Ajeei, Makoma, Slow down, Bayla trap, Lobi, Odo, etc. Mugeez, one of the finest male vocalist Ghana has ever produced was delightful to watch whenever he delivers the hook. But ever since the music group joined the camp of Wizkid, the sometime sought after music group are struggling to penetrate. They recently released “plantain chips” and the song is nothing but trash. Every professional truth sayer can relate without blinking that the relevance of R2Bees is fast depreciating.


On the other hand, Efya, born Jane Awindor’s vocal prowess is one in a million. She sings effortlessly without flaw. As such, she was able to win VGMA’s best female vocalist in four succession. Similarly to her colleagues with the prime motive to “go international“, the mentality of any other Ghanaian artist, Efya nodded in agreement to join Wizkid – Starboy Entertainment records and it’s evident she’s losing the spot to her contemporaries such as Adina Thembi, among others.




The soothing vocalist Ghanaians used to know has never been the same. Off late, mentioning vibrant female artistes in the country will be unfortunate to include the one time finest vocalist, Efya. Indeed, sometime might be wrong somewhere which calls for urgent attention to enable her resurrect her lost glory.


Truth be told, R2Bees and Efya are just sitting on past glories as far as their current stand as artistes are concerned. They’ve absolutely lost in the maze! Whatever the case, it’s never late to make a comeback. If there exist some conditionalities that make them feel uncomfortable, this is the time to run and face the penalty. They shouldn’t sit down for things to get out of hands and come back to play blame games.


It’s evident that someone like Bardman Tinny always cry indoor as a result of “ignorantly” appending his signature on the wrong Glo contract. Thus, most talented musicians have killed their vibrant careers because of “international labels”. Again, it’s better to get a vibrant and responsive local fan base and recognition than dormant international appeal.

Created By: Adu Sarpeah

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