Adult photo: Man frames photo of his wife ‘doing it’ with another man on their matrimonial bed and hangs it in their room, gives his reason

A man is now full of resentment after he caught his wife on their matrimonial bed having s3z with another man.

According to the report, the man decided to resort to an unorthodox means as a payback to his unfaithful wife.

The man chanced on the ugly scene and brought out his phone in time to take a shot with his camera.

He has now printed it out and framed it which is presently hanging in their living room.

The post was originally shared by a tweep named YourAttabae who revealed all that happened in consonance with the aforementioned.

He then added that the man has said the day he takes the photo down is the very day he’ll walk away from the marriage. See the photo below;

In a related development, a married woman is seething with anger and set to divorce her husband after she found out that he has installed software that monitors her outgoing and incoming calls plus text messages.

According to the report shared by a friend of this woman, she discovered that he has installed spyware on a new phone he bought for her a few months ago.

It became apparent that used the device to monitor her calls, and text messages and it enabled her husband to go as far as turning on the phone’s mic to record her conversations.

Her friend, @KingArthurOG narrated the story on Twitter saying;

”My friend told me how she discovered that the new phone her husband gifted her a few months ago had Spyware pre-installed that allowed him to remotely read her messages & keystrokes. He was also able to turn on the mic and record convos.

Ladies, that gift may be more than a GIFT. Dude had recordings of conversations in her office, with friends in her car, her phone was just a recorder.

He claims he was just testing her and that she passed the test.. She says she’s not doing again. Oh …apparently he linked his pals with the Spyware too.”


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