After All The Hardwork Nana Tea Did To Clean The Gutters, An Unpatriotic Citizen Goes And Dumps Another Rubbish At The Same Place (+PHOTOS)

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Some people were born with missing screws in their head especially in this part of the country called Ghana. While some people are doing their best to improve the state of the Country, some thoughtless people only know how to ruin things and blame the government.

After using his own money and resources to clean up the dirtiest gutter at Tema Station which is also right in front of the Ghana Health Service, Nana Tea was appalled to see that few minutes later a gentleman walked by and dumped a sack of rubbish at the same spot.

This makes me wonder if this country will ever move forward especially when it’s citizens cause the problem and blame the government for it.

If possible, the authorities especially Ghana Police need to intervene in this matter quick by patrolling the area and arresting any person caught dumping rubbish there!

The place used to smell so bad that even if you are in a air-conditioned car with glasses fully rolled up, there is no escaping the stench. Nana Tea saw this problem and decided to become a good citizen by solving the problem only for another uncivilized being to come and recreate the problem.

Do we then have a right to blame the Government for neglecting it’s citizens? Well, time will tell.

See the appalling photo below;

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