After DJ Black Had Said D-Black Is A “Whack Rapper” Here Comes A Long Letter From D-Black To Him

Some few days ago, DJ Black over the weekend stated an obvious fact that most people know. He mentioned on his show that D-Black is not just the musician he feels, and that when it comes to rap music, he is sort of a whack!

Well, it must have been really tough for DBlack to hear that from someone according to him looked up to. In a fairly written letter, D Black also has something, he wanted DJ Black to know. Read his letter below:

Sir, I am an extremely hardworking dude and i might not be the best rapper (I don’t even want to be) but I can comfortably stand here with my head up and recount history I’ve made via my music.

It’s a known fact, first Ghanaian rapper nominated at the BET Awards for Best African Act , first and only Ghanaian HipHop act to win a Channel O Africa Award, first Anglophone Hiphop act to win even a Ghana Music Award and lots more chale. I can stand, chest out and say I’m blessed, wealthy and very successful off this music I make. (I hope U can say the same too about Ur career path).

Lemme correct you here as well, I am not a rapper, I am an artist, I am a musician, I am an entertainer, I am a brand, I am a business.

I create music, I create hit records and I make music for the people, I do this for the masses not for the Twitter and internet gangsters who sit home aidle and hungry tweeting, and trust me I’m very good at it.

I love music and I’ve been very successful at it so much that I have been able to use that platform to create jobs for people (my team) and jump start other artists, dj’s and producers careers under my label Black Avenue Muzik in my 6 years here (I doubt you can say the same)
Bruh I’m blessed! God is my closest friend.

My family is good off the music I make and my other entertainment investments, however if your not feeling me as a rapper that’s fine bro, not everyone can like me. Michael Jackson down to Jay Z to Piddy have and had haters and doubters. I doubt everyone be feeling you as a dj as well.

But for someone I look up to as a older brother and the same person who wanted to sign me to his label (Black Bone) ten years ago when I was 19 years old, for you to try knock my hustle on live radio, I weak for you and i’m highly disappointed in your utterances.

You see me all the time and invite me on your radio show , why didn’t you tell me to my face? You book me to perform at your events , if I remember correctly the last show I performed at for you was for FREE on Legon Campus. I did it for the love when you asked me to. I’m 29 years old and living my dreams Black ( I hope you are too).

BTW I got 2 new songs dropping next week (Shaminigbo ft. Stonebwoy and Elale with South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest) Pls push ‘em for me ( no payola oo) and when I open club ONYX in June I’ll love for you to guest DJ ! Will always respect you and your grind and your contribution to the industry.

I would have told you this directly and to your face but since you made ur feelings known publicly Lemme tell the people how I feel too. But anywaiz Peace and love!! #PHD always ! Prayer , Hardwork & Dedication will always take U places. I stay grinding.

Desmond Blackmor

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