After Growing Up In An Orphanage, Rebecca Dede Nomo Decides To Give Back To Society By Helping More Orphans And Less Privileged Kids (+PHOTOS)

This is the story of Rebecca Dede Nomo, a young lady who has decided to give back to the Orphanage house that brought her up to become the beautiful, industrious woman she is today.

Rebecca Dede Nomo

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Rebecca who is the founder and leader of AWISI Foundation, disclosed how she her former home “Nectar Orphanage Home” gave her the opportunity to become the best version of herself and how she wants to help those who have found themselves in a similar situation.

This is what she had to say about the organization.

Awisi Foundation is a non-profit organization in Ghana I founded to give back to NECTAR ORPHANAGE HOME where I grew up. Since graduating from the orphanage, I have been diligently working to support the orphanage through donations. The Awisi Foundation mission focuses on providing an enabling environment to improve the quality of life for less privileged children, especially orphans in Ghana.

“I grew up at Nectar Orphanage Home in Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern part of Ghana. A lot happens within our environment and it is true that the life orphans/underprivileged children live is a big challenge. As difficult as it was, our orphanage was attended by volunteers and humanitarians from around the world.

“Their love for us, kindness and long discussions, sowed hope in my heart that there is a way out and that life goes on. I can’t thank God enough for them! After university I started Awisi Foundation as a way to give back.

” Through this initiative, thirty children have benefitted from an educational sponsorship, of which five are in university at the moment.
Education is actually my main focus for this foundation. This is because, growing up in an orphanage, the care takers can take a lot of things from you but the one thing no one can take is your education. And though education cannot be downplayed, not everyone can afford the costs. Some people find it hard to get money to feed themselves; let alone get quality education.

“A good way to ensure that poverty doesn’t deny such people access to quality education is starting a non-profit that generates funds to sponsor their education.”

Checkout her photos below;

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