After Two Long Months, Teephlow Now Has Balls & Replies Strongman’s ‘Charcoal’ Diss With ‘Preach’ -Listen & Judge

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After two months, Teephlow has finally decided to reply Strongman’s ‘Charcoal’ song with ‘Preach’ and we are really surprised. We thought he said Strongman attacked him with ‘Charcoal’ so he could also tap into the success of ‘Phlowducation’ but now it appears, Teephlow couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘damage’  Strongman’s ‘Charcoal’ did to him.

Teephlow perhaps needed two months to be able to write his ‘Preach’ so he doesn’t flop on it–That’s not how we ‘beef’ and we won’t take this from him. When you are ‘attacked’ and you intend to reply you have to do so within 72 hours or never think of replying at all, when you delay as long as two months, you prove that, you didn’t have the right lyrics and needed enough time to compose one.

Anyways, take the listen below and tell us what you think about Teephlow’s Preach below:

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