Agradaa has bitten the wrong meat, we’ll go spiritual- Slim Buster fumes as he declares war

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Slim Buster has vowed to take Nana Agradaa on for labelling him as gay and going on a rant against him in a recent video.

In a previous report, Nana Agradaa claimed that the singer and dancer was arrested for having carnal knowledge of a minor.

She has also used social media to slander Buster, claiming he is a homosexual. According to Tru News Report, during one of those episodes where Agradaa was yelling at the celebrated singer, she said the following:

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“This man, Slim Buster, who now lives in the UK now associates himself with gays. That’s what he does now. I have heard that due to his association with such people, he is enjoying life and making more money. The whole of the UK, he is a well-known gay and because of this, women, women don’t entertain him any longer.

“Reports have it that Slim Buster has raped a 4-year-old girl and he is currently in the grips of the police. Per reports, the police picked him up from his house and took him to the police station where some of his colleagues, Ghanaian musicians, and gay partners went in to salvage the situation. As for the child, I hear her situation is really worse,” she stated.

After discovering the above information, an enraged Slim Buster approached Ghpage in a fresh interview and told the his version of events, vowing to deal ruthlessly with Nana Agradaa.

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“I wish you were calling on video. This is something I am not going to take lightly. For so many years, you have labelled me gay and I have been silent. This is a minor we are talking about. I would like to keep my reputation because there is a saying that ‘silence means concern’.

“Yesterday, I was here when I received a call from someone saying that he has heard that I have been arrested. Even at that moment, I was going for a walk and then this woman called Agradaa decided to spew lies. The whole of Ghana, the police, Christian Council, security agencies, and many others are quiet. Nobody comes in to act.”

Expressing the extent of damage Nana Agradaa has caused him, Slim Buster has also vowed not to let ‘sleeping dogs lie’.

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“I am giving the assurance that I will not let this slide. She has bitten the wrong meat. I will fight her in spirit, in a legal battle, and by any means possible. Every penny of mine will go into it because this is a serious allegation. What I will do, I don’t even want to say it live on air. I am giving her 24 hours to show evidence that I raped someone. If she doesn’t show Ghana will be too small for us,” he said.

Concerning how things became tense between them, Slim Buster stated that Agradaa went haywire after he expressed his thoughts on a piece of news involving her.

“When anyone vlogs or blogs, the person could share his views on trending issues. There was this day when some news of her went viral and I shared my opinion about it. She responded to me by saying I am gay. I have never insulted or dissed her before. It was just an opinion. She called me an old fool musician and I released a song to prove that I am not.

“One day, I interviewed Black Jesus and Amankradoo. Amankrado said some things about her and before I knew it she called to speak. My show was live but this woman insulted us very well. My producer asked me to stop her but I allowed her to speak and she bathed us with insults. Since then, she has been making videos insulting us every time,” he added.


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