Ahmad Rashad Wives: See Women He Married

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It has been known that some celebrities go through a period of relationship troubles, but it is particularly troubling for a person to go through a period of having to deal with so many divorces, of up to three, four, five, etc. Who are Ahmad Rashad wives?

Ahmad has been married a number of times and all those marriages did not end as expected, what could have ben the issue?

Well we are not too sure of the details of his numerous divorces, but what we can say is that someone was not feeling too comfortable as a result of one or two things that unfolded in the marriages, hence the divorces.

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So who were Ahmad Rashad wives who he married and divorced at separate points in time?

In this article, we are going to take a look at the women the former American footbal player marriried and got divorced from.

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If you want to know who Ahmad Rashad wives are, read this article to the end.

Who is Ahmad Rashad?

Before we delve into the subject of who Ahmad Rashad wives are, let’s get to know who he is.

Ahmad Rashad Wives: Biography of Ahmad

Ahmad Rashad WORTH

Ahmad is a sportsman; he has always been in sport–playing American football, as well as basketball and when he retired from active sports, he decided to be a sportscaster.

So who is he?

Could we say that Ahmad Rashad wives are so many because of hi popularity?

He was born on November 19, 1949, in Portland, Oregon, and his parents gave him the name Robert Earl Moore.

He participated in football when a student at Tacoma’s Mount Tahoma High School.

Rashad pursued his schooling at the University of Oregon on a sports scholarship.

Under the direction of head coach Jerry Frei, he played football for the Ducks, beginning as a wide receiver and wingback before switching to run back.

Rashad switched to television when he stopped playing football.

For numerous sports, he worked as a studio analyst, a game reporter, and an anchor.

The National Basketball Association’s weekly digest programs NBA Inside Stuff (1990–2004) and NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad were both presented by Rashad, who also served as a panelist on the NFL Live pregame show for NBC (2005–2011).

In various movies and TV shows, he has played a fictionalized version of himself who is a sports figure on television.

He has also presented a number of reality television programs and game shows that are unrelated to sports.

Name Change

Moore changed his religion from Pentecostalism to Islam in 1972.

In college, he had began studying Islam.

Bobby Moore legally changed his name to Ahmad Rashd the next year, which in Arabic means “admirable one led to truth.”

His mentor, scientist Rashad Khalifa, an Egyptian-American with whom he studied Arabic, gave him his last name.

In 1990, Khalifa was assassinated.

Who are Ahmad Rashad wives? Let’s find out now.

Ahmad Rashad Wives

Ahmad Rashad Wives

Who are Ahmad Rashad wives? Given that he can practice polygamy, as permitted by his religion, are all his spouses with him at the moment?

At the moment, Ahmad is with only one woman after the rest either left the marriage.

Rashad has had five marriages and four divorces.

He has fathered six kids in total, including Geoffery Simmons, a son who was born to Melody Neal, his high school sweetheart.

In 1967, the boy was offered for adoption.

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In 2005, after he turned 18, he got in touch with his father through Amara (formerly the Medina Adoption Agency), and the two had their first encounter.

Simmons also discovered that Melody Neal, his biological mother, had passed away from cancer in 1991.

Who was the first of Ahmad Rashad wives?

Rashad married Deidre Waters for the first time in 1969.

Keva, a daughter, was born to them in 1970. Rashad also had a kid named Sean that year through a different woman.

Rashad married Matilda Johnson, his second wife, in 1976 after divorcing his first spouse. Daughter Maiyisha and son Ahmad Jr. were their two offspring.

The two separated in 1979.

Rashad wed Phylicia Ayers-Allen, an actress well recognized for her role on The Cosby Show, in 1985.

Earlier that year, on national television, he proposed to her during the pregame show of the NBC broadcast of the Detroit Lions vs. New York Jets Thanksgiving Day football game.

Each of them was getting married for the third time.

Why did Ahmad Rashad wives separate from him?

It is not too clear why al these divorces happened.

Rashad wed Sale Johnson, his fourth wife, in 2007.

Johnson and Rashad got divorced in 2013.

Rashad wed South Florida psychologist Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz in 2016.

This is the account of Ahmad Rashad wives.

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