Ahoufe Patri Reveals Why She Pierced Her Tongue Plus Why She Hates Her Father

Popularly known in Ghana as “Ahoufe Patri” and known in real life as Priscilla Opoku Aggyemang was on The Delay Show, today, Friday 9th April, 2015 to talk about her rise to fame, dating and family.


The ace and controversial tv hostess Delay threw lots of questions at the beautiful Ahoufe Patri.  Ahoufe Patri disclosed on the show that, she’s currently not dating and her last relationship ended sometime December, last year.


She also stated again, that she is not dating Kalybos as perceived by most people and that she sees Kalybos as a brother and has no intention of dating him at all.


Delay took the chance to ask Ahoufe Patri why she pierced her tongue and that if it was because she had become  famous person now.


“ I got the piercing on my tongue last year December because I love piercing and it has nothing to do with me been famous” she answered.


Delay then asked her, who her ideal man is and whether she would want to marry a man who has the qualities of her father and that was when Ahoufe Patri broke down in tears


The show had to go on a break and come back, so she could hold herself up. After the break, she revealed that, she is the only child of her mum and her mum gave birth to her when she was a teenager and was abandoned by her father. For all of the 24 years in her life, her father has not been there for her and now she feels she does not need him.

Watch her narrate her story in the video below:


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