Akosua is a big liar, Akwaboah Snr was too proud and asked for our help only once – GHAMRO Chairman Rex Omar

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Rex Omar, the chairman of the interim management committee for the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), has denied allegations that the organization failed to provide for the late Kwadwo Akwaboah during his illness.

The late Kwadwo Akwaboah allegedly contacted GHAMRO for financial support for medication at several times, but was only granted GH 250, according to highlife musician Akosua Agyapong.

She questioned whether the CEO, who purportedly gave Akwaboah Senior that pitiful sum of money when he was in need, could attend his funeral and offer him a respectable burial.

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In reply to Akosua Agyapong, Rex Omar, posted on social media :

“Akosua is the biggest liar! So why didn’t she speak about it till now that the man is dead? We have no such records in our welfare books. Kwadwo was a very proud man and will never say any such thing to anyone,” he wrote in a Facebook comment.

“During his entire years of sickness, it’s only once he ever asked for assistance from GHAMRO, and when he did, GHAMRO welfare took him to the hospital in their vehicle to meet his doctor, and there was no money paid to Kwadwo himself but to the hospital. Records are there to prove this: Kwadwo is dead, so now, suddenly, Akosua has become his spokesperson? She should shut up with her fabricated stories and allow the man to rest in peace!” he further stated.

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The legendary highlife musician Kwadwo Akwaboah died on May 16, 2023, after falling ill.

The news of his death was announced by his son Akwaboah Jr on his Facebook page.

There have been several criticisms of poor payment of royalties and welfare by GHAMRO to its members.

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Popular hiplife artiste Kwaw Kese, known as ‘Abodam’ in 2022, lamented how he had made music for over 20 years without receiving any royalties.

Subsequently, GHAMRO made an effort to pay him some money.

Although GHAMRO is a collective management organisation (CMO) and not a welfare group, it is mandated by its constitution to allocate 10% of monies received as royalties to cater for the welfare of musicians.

GHAMRO has assured its members of enjoying the full benefits of the organisation as they continue to work for the betterment of the group.


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