Akufo Addo is the cause of his own problems; he made many campaign promises – Retired judge

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President Akufo Addo has failed to reach the criteria he set for himself as Ghana’s leader, says former Court of Appeal Judge Isaac Duose.

In recent years, the administration has recognized problems but blames them on Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Asked about the present issues, Justice Douse told Class News’ Nii Marmah Boye in an exclusive interview.

To quote Justice Douse, President Akufo-Addo is “the source of his own difficulty.” “He made too many promises, perhaps unaware of how he would keep them.

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To open your mouth too wide in Ghana, you will be judged by the yardstick you have built, he explains.

In appealing for votes, I always question people, ‘Do you genuinely believe some of the promises politicians make?’ Mr. Obama made too many promises, said Justice Duose. He quizzed.

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Not only does Justice Douse criticize President Obama’s performance, but she also blames voters for failing to properly examine the promises made when choosing leaders.

Not because we should vote for someone who claims to be able to achieve anything. “We must assess his capacity to deliver on his promises.”


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