Akufo Addo Legalised ‘Ganja’ But Mahama Can’t Legalise Okada? Suhuyini Quizzes

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Ghana is just the latest African country to loosen laws surrounding cannabis. Other countries that have made similar moves include Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Lesotho.

And as part of the moves by our politicians to get votes, they are trying their possible best to promise stuff that will make the electorates feel comfortable especially John Dramani Mahama of NDC party fame.

Consequently, John Dramani Mahama has vowed to make Okada legal when he comes to power after the December 7 elections. However, this move by John Mahama has been heavily criticized.

It’s at the back of the criticisms that Member of Parliament for Tamale North Constituency, Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini has insisted that if President Akufo Addo legalised some aspects of weed, then former president John Dramani Mahama can equally legalise okada business if given the nod to be president again.

Speaking on the State of the Nation on Class FM, he said “this government, the NPP government, led by Nana Akufo-Addo, has made some aspects of weed, ganja legal, some types of ganja have been made legal under Nana Addo, ganja ooh, ganja. Why are we confident that we can regulate the use of the ganja that we have legalised, but we think that we can’t regulate the use of Okada?

Okada “is a business creation module, so if people are required to be trained and licensed, a smart business person because it is now legal, can open a training school and train them and certify them and the insurance companies will make money because they will ensure the riders, they will ensure the motorbikes so it opens a door for many other businesses to come out of it.”

Disputing claims of accidents caused by okada riders, he stated “I ride because I come from a constituency where we ride and I have seen accidents happen where it was never the fault of the motorbike rider, but in some cases either the road user. The road user, someone walking by who walked into the motorbike rider or a car that hits the motorbike rider after jumping a red light.”

“So, the motorbike rider may be disciplined, obey all the regulations, but still get hit by a reckless driver. Because of that, do we say that we should not license driving because a driver causes accidents and kills people? How many people die on our roads yearly as a result of car crashes, do we use that as a basis to illegalise or to make driving illegal?,” he added.

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