Fraud alert: Fraudsters taking undue advantage of calls to link Ghana Card with bank accounts – EOCO warns Ghanaians

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For this reason, the security agency has warned the general public to be wary of the activities of these fraudsters so they don’t fall victim.

EOCO exposed how these people operate, saying they often send messages to suspecting customers demanding their bank account details, Mobile App PIN and Mobile numbers.

A statement released by EOCO to this effect reads; “We have noticed with great concerns the rate at which some members of the general public have fallen victims to fraudulent banking transactions.

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“Fraudsters have taken advantage of the ongoing call on customers of bank to link their accounts to Ghana Card. Regarding the bank fraud, the fraudulent messages are sent to individuals requesting them to click on links in order to update their bank records.

“Customers are therefore asked to provide their bank account names, Mobile numbers, Mobile App PIN , One Time Password. Some daring fraudsters even make phone calls to members of the public to request for the aforementioned information.

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“Do not click on any link purporting to be emanating from your bank unless you have confirmed from your bank,” EOCO warned.

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