Alexander Lukashenko Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

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Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, born on August 30, 1954, is a Belarusian politician who has held the presidency of Belarus since July 20, 1994, making him the longest-sitting European president. Before entering politics, Lukashenko worked as a director of a state farm and served in the Soviet Border Troops and the Soviet Army.

He maintained state ownership of key industries in Belarus after the collapse of the Soviet Union and preserved Soviet-era symbolism in the country’s coat of arms and national flag. Lukashenko consolidated power through referendums, granting him more authority and strengthening economic ties with Russia, leading to the creation of the Union State. However, his rule has been marked by strained relations with Russia and allegations of human rights abuses.

Lukashenko’s government is widely considered authoritarian, and he has referred to himself as the “last dictator” in Europe. International observers do not consider elections in Belarus to be free and fair, and opponents of the regime face repression. The media is also not free, resulting in sanctions imposed on Lukashenko and other Belarusian officials.

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The United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States do not recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus.

How Much Is Alexander Lukashenko Worth?

According to sources, Alexander Lukashenko’s net worth exceeds $8 billion. His wealth can be primarily attributed to his achievements as a prominent Belarusian politician.


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