Amidst win against Argentina, Saudi Arabia beheads 17 people

Reports have it that in the midst of the win of Saudi Arabia against Argentina in the FIFA World cup, Saudi Arabia has allegedly beheaded seventeen people.

According to a UN official, about 17 persons have been executed in the last 12 days despite leaders of the country pleading to cancel the death penalty.

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Spokesperson of the UN human rights office Elizabeth Throssell described the death penalty as “deeply regrettable” while addressing the press in Geneva. According to reports, the executors were found guilty of drugs offense.

Most executions in Saudi Arabia are reportedly being carried out by beheading. A report has revealed that a total of 144 beheadings were done in Saudi Arabia for 2022 which has already beaten the total number for the last two years combined.

A father-of-eight identified as Hussein was sentenced to death after amphetamine pills were found hidden in his fuel tank at a border checkpoint.

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But campaigners claim he confessed under torture and the drugs had been planted in his car while the vehicle was parked outside his home in Jordan.


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