Amun: Egyptian King of The Gods

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Amun also written Amon is famously referred to as the King of the gods. He was also one of the most powerful and important gods in ancient Egypt. Amon has been a very significant figure in ancient Egypt when he is combined with Ra, the god of the sun. Whenever the two are combined, Amun becomes very powerful such that he was even referred to as Amun-Ra.

The king of gods is also known by names such as the god of the sun, air, and the sky. He is also a member of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis and was even one of the 8 gods who formed the name followed by the Theban Triad. The symbols which are generally used to represent him are the Amun crown of two, the long feathers and the ram-headed sphinx.

There are some alternative ways of calling him. Some of them are Amon, Amen, Amana, Ammon, and Hammon. The cult place of Amun was situated at Thebes which is now known as Luxor. He was the husband of Mut also referred to as the Mother Goddess during Thebes Triad. Their son’s name was Khonsu who was also called the Moon God.

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Celebrations Associated With Amun(Amon)

Amun was a well-celebrated Egyptian god. Opet festival is however the main celebration associated with the kind of gods. The Opet festival is the festival where the statue of Amun was carried down the river Nile from the temple of Karnark to Luxor at which his marriage with his wife, Mut was re-enacted.

How Did Amun Become A God?

Egyptian King of the gods
Amun, King of the gods
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This has been a concern to many people and now we clear the air. Amun who is also called Amon was adopted as the king of the gods in Thebes with his wife, Mut as his associate.

He was crowned a national god by the first pharaoh of the New Kingdom called Ahmose I. Ahmose I believed that he was has helped him in cashing out the Hyksos from his territory (country).

Additionally, the king of gods was also adopted into Ennead of Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt after he combined with Ra, the god of the sun. After Amun has joined forces with Ra, he became a visible and invisible god.

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