An Eyewitness Narrates Exactly What Caused The Accident In Tamale Involving Zylofon Cash Staff and Fancy Gadam Fans

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Yesterday, reported the news about an accident that happened in Tamale which claimed the lives of 6 people, with two identified as Zylofon Cash staff. There were reports that a Zylofon Cash van crashed into an articulator truck.

An eyewitness at the scene has given details about what happened exactly and has stated that the accident didn’t happen because of a float and that Fancy Gadam cannot be blamed for the accident.

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The PRO for Zylofon Cash, Halifax Ansah Addo in a statement issued confirmed that two Zylofon cash staff died in the accident. According to him the articulator truck veered off its lane and drove straight into their convoy, crashing their van and several motorbikes.

But the eyewitness’ account of what happened gives a different picture as to what really happened but we are not gods to be able to ascertain what happened exactly but at this stage, there’s no need to play the blame cards as its already happened and some lives have been lost–Our hearts are with the families of the departed ones and we also pray that those who got injured recover quickly.

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The Facebook user known as Arnold Mashud narrating what happened wrote:

Caught in the web: Why I disagree with our Hon. Mayor. – Part 1

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I have quite a number of associations in my quest to survive or to contribute my brain worth towards building a better society. I had so much interest in leadership positions when I was growing up and served in different capacities as a student leader to the national level. I sincerely condemn any act that disturbs public peace and order. The laws of the country taking cognizance with keen interest to safeguard the citizenry made available the public order act. The laws frowns upon lawlessness and recklessness. Unfortunately, about six people lost their lives in a gruesome accident on the Tamale-Bolga road yesterday. This lead to the Mayor making comments that attributed the accident to a float organized by Fancy Gadam. I must say the Mayor’s comments was made out of misinformation or he failed to do his checks very well. The accident has nothing linking it to a float. Below are some basic facts:
1) There was a head on collision between a Zylofon Van and an articulator truck. The Zylofon Van was heading towards the airport whiles the articulator truck was coming from Savelugu heading to Accra.
2) There was a convoy of Zylofon vehicles heading to airport
3) Both vehicles involved were on top speed
4) The zylofon van attempted to overtake a moving taxi.
5) The articulator truck applied breaks to avoid an accident
6) The pressure on the wheels of the truck resulted in the truck blasting its front Tyre.
7) Both vehicles lost control and had a collision
8) The impact of the collision resulted in running into other road users on motorbikes.
9)Those who came to the aid of the victims were residents close to the accident scene
10) The zylofon van involved in the accident was far behind the other vehicles in the convoy.
11) The accident did not occur during a float. There was no float but a convoy made up of zylofon cars.
12) Zylofon supported the FancyXPato concert
13) Zylofon scheduled a health walk and other marketing activities in Tamale to create brand awareness for their product (zylofon cash)
14) The zylofon van is no longer at the accident scene. I am looking for it.

Hon. Mayor, these are the facts and your comments attributing the accident to a float isn’t accurate. I support you wholeheartedly to banned recklessness on our streets but I disagree with you aligning the accident to a float. I also wish you take responsibility for some of these recklessness on our streets for being reactive instead of proactive in implementing the public order act. It was an accident that caught some people in a web. I do not like plenty writeups so the rest will be in a form of posts. I admire and congratulate you on resolve to combat child labor and other social problems. I wish you the best in the Mayor’s Excellence Awards today. I am available for further analysis.

Part 2 will be analysis of a video footage of the scene.

I am solely responsible for this writeup and it should not be taken to represent the views of any outfit I am associated with. Thank you!

Arnold Mashud ( A man on the streets)

The original post on Facebook below:

Zylofon Cash in their statement has indicated that they are cooperating with the Police in Tamale as investigations continue. Portions of the statement read; “We are cooperating with the Police Service in Tamale as investigations continue. Zylofon Cash is exceptionally grateful to all persons across Ghana and beyond who have called to express their condolence, suport and solidarity in many ways from Friday dusk. We plead for calm as we remain united in grief.”