Angel Obinim Loses His Cool, Gives Jesus Christ 3 Days To Deal With Him If He Is Not The One Giving Him Lotto Numbers

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Prophet Bishop Daniel Obinim aka Angel Obinim has thrown a challenge to Jesus Christ, any prophet criticising him for giving out lotto numbers and any ordinary Ghanaian who feels he’s sinning because he’s giving out lotto numbers.

In a video  interview on his Tv channel, OB TV, the controversial man of God has challenged Jesus Christ to kill him, if it’s true that He’s not the one giving him the lotto numbers to give to his church members.

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According to Obinim, it’s the desire of Jesus Christ that his church members prosper and that is why He gives him the lotto numbers, so he’s surprised other men of God criticise him, saying that it is sin.

Obinim who looked pissed off in the video, also challenged the men of God condemning him, to come out and curse him with whatever they believe is necessary, if they are sure he’s sinned by giving out lotto numbers.

Bishop Daniel Obinim better known as Jesus Christ
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He gave a strong warning to them that, if they fail to do so, he will also curse them for demeaning his name and criticising him unjustly.

His warning was not just to the men of God who are on him, but ordinary Ghanaians as well. He threatened that, he will start attacking anyone who insults and attacks his personality spiritually.

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Getting to the ending of the video, he also sent a final warning to  Jesus that, he’s giving him 3 days to kill him if He is not the one who gives him the lotto numbers, else he’s going to burn all of his cars, because he came to do the Gospel work and did not chose to follow Him (Jesus) because of cars and properties.

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Watch the video below:

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