Angry wife storms husband’s secret wedding with new woman; hires the media to film her as she ruins the event 

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When a woman stormed the premises with media men to disrupt her husband’s wedding, it was a sight to behold in a Rwandan Apostolic church.

The woman, who had five children for the groom, swore she would not allow the wedding to take place and did everything she could to have the event cancelled.

Dukuzumuremyi Janvier created a commotion when she walked in with her young children, including a set of twins she has been caring for on her own.

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During the interview, she received a phone call informing her that her husband, despite having been separated for years, was marrying another woman without her knowledge.

As distraught as she was, she invited the pressmen over to see how she handled the situation, which was captured on video.

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Afrimax’s cameras were rolling from the moment she carried her children to the moment she entered the church grounds.

She did not confront the bride after entering the church, instead directing her complaints to her husband.

She made quite a scene until the groomsmen calmed her down as she told the officiating priest about her ordeal.

She splashed photos from their wedding and private lives on the couple’s table to back up her claims, while the bride looked on in disbelief.

The officials were forced to convene an emergency meeting to address the issue and make a decision.

The meeting ended with Janviere being advised to divorce her husband because he was adamant about not returning to her. She agreed on the condition that he support their five children.

Her husband complied, but it was too late to save his newly formed marriage. The wedding was called off after the officiators backed out.

Check Out Video Below:

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