Anne Steves: Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Rick Steves

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Anne Steves, like many other women, has become popular for her marriage to a popular person, Rick Steves, who was so famous that everyone around him got a piece of the spotlight too. In this article, we shall discuss her life, career, husband, and many other things about her.

Who is Anne Steves? Let’s explore her life in this article.

Anne Steves Biography

Anne Steves

Anne Steves is a social activist and a nurse. She is an American citizen who was born in the United States of America.

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Anne Steves become popular for her marriage to Rick Steves. It is still not known how life was when she was growing up. A lot of things are not known about her. Her parents, date of birth, siblings, educational background and things that have to do with her family and personal life.

As such, we cannot report on these things about her. She only began to gain some attention when she married the popular Rick Steves.

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Though not much is known about her family, Anne Steves is believed to have a brother, John Steve. He is believed to have spent a year at Creighton before transferring to Notre Dame.

It is not known what career she has had. Do we know Anne Steves net worth?

Well, it is not too clear what Anne Steves net worth is but sources have quoted her net worth to be around Ten million dollars The amount she makes in salary and other sources of money has yet to be determined.

So who is Anne Steves husband?

We have heard about her association with Rick Steves, but is he still Anne Steves husband?

Anne Steves Rick Steves

Rick was married to Anne Steves until 2010 when they divorced. They are the parents of two children.

Andy Steves, their son, followed in his father’s footsteps and formed Weekend Student Adventures Europe, as well as wrote Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget.

In December 2019, he began dating Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Northwest Washington Synod.

Who is Rick Steves?

Rick Steves

He is a travel writer, novelist, activist, and television personality from the United States. His travel philosophy encourages visitors to visit less-touristy sections of locations and immerse themselves in the culture of the locals.

He has hosted Rick Steves’ Europe, a public television travel series, since 2000. Steves also hosts the Travel with Rick Steves public radio show (2005–present) and has written multiple travel guides, the first of which was popular Europe Through the Back Door.

He became a syndicated newspaper columnist in 2006, and in 2010, his firm published “Rick Steves’ Audio Europe,” a mobile phone application with self-guided walking tours and geographic information.

Rick Steves Steves was born to Richard John Steves, a high school band director and piano technician, and June Erna Steves, née Fremmerlid, in Barstow, California.

June Erna Fremmerlid, his mother, is the daughter of Norwegian immigrants Harold and Erna Fremmerlid.

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Jan and Linda are his two sisters. In 1967, the family relocated to Edmonds, Washington.

Steves and his parents travelled to Europe when he was 14 years old to visit piano manufacturers. The family-owned “John Tierney’s Piano Paradise,” a piano store where they imported and sold pianos as well as tuned them.

How supportive was Anne Steves to Rick Steves?

Steves is a proponent of independent travel. His books and media are primarily on travel in Europe, and they are aimed at a North American readership.

Rick Steves invites Americans to become “temporary residents” as host, writer, and producer of the popular and long-running American Public Television series Rick Steves’ Europe, as well as through his travel books.

He encourages his readers and viewers to explore not only major cities but also small towns off the beaten path.

In this article, we looked at the biography of Annes Steves and her past relationship with Rick Steves.

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