Another Controversial Movie On Castro And Janet Bandu Coming Soon

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An Accra based filmmaker has disclosed his plans to shoot a movie with the believed drowning or feared death mystery of Hiplife musician, Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro and a female friend, Janet Bandu.

Odeneho Kwasi Okyere of Ekuz Nationwide Production said his outfit’s motivation for the movie is borne out of the fact that Ghanaians mostly fail in telling our own story, and also, we are a people who easily forget our history.

“I don’t intend to make fun of our brother and sister’s sad story as some filmmakers in the country do each time a controversial issue comes up. Far from that! My motivation is borne out of the fact that Ghanaians easily forget issues or our own stories.

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“Terry Bonchaka died and that was all! Suzzy Williams died and that is all! Who remembers them? Who talks about them? Nobody! Nothing lasting has been done in memory of them! The lifestyles of these young late celebrities were worth telling with a movie!

“So basically, my motivation for producing this movie is all about telling the story of our brother and sister so that come 10, 15, 20 years time, those generation or people, can also watch and have a pictorial or visual interpretation of the story of Castro and Janet.”

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Mr. Okyere said the storyline of his movie is about two young lovers who got missing in the forest. Families of the couple organized funerals as required by tradition but after many years, the two shown up as old man and old lady to tell their people how they got lost, where they went, what they did, and what made them stay till they became old and why they returned.

According to Mr. Okyere, the story will be told in the third person narrative – thus, the young lovers who became old will be narrating the story – with a voice over. So whilst they narrate, the plot builds on to tell the story. Asked who will play the role of Castro and Janet respectively, he laughed and said he would want to keep that a secret but after pressing on him, he yielded.

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“We are contemplating on using either Kwaku Manu or Lil Win for Castro and using Nana Ama MacBrown or any fair upcoming actress who can interpret the role and character well.” Mr. Okyere said the working title of the movie is ‘Janet-Castro.’

He however confessed that he has not had any discussions with the family of Castro or Janet to see how they will react to his initiative. therefore contacted the Aunty of Janet Bandu, Azuma Awuni to get the family’s reactions to the filmmaker’s initiative.

Seething with anger, she retorted, “We condemn such an initiative! Our sister is not dead! We are still looking for them and someone wants to shoot a movie and make money out of them? He should do it and we shall see! It won’t happen! I am not happy to hear this! We will not allow it to happen! How can people be this heartless?”
In another interview with a close associate of Castro (who pleaded to react on anonymity), the fellow also totally condemned the filmmaker’s initiative and threatened to sue the former if he finally comes out with the movie or storm the filmmaker’s set and cause them to stop the shooting of the movie. got back to the filmmaker and relayed the sentiments from the close associates of Castro and Janet to him but he gently said, “I shall go on with the movie because my storyline is a bit different – though I admit I developed the story from the Castro and Janet’s case.” We live to see if this movie will ever see the light of the day in this country. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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