Any man who transfers money to women they’re not married to will go to hell – Female pastor

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After appearing in a video and claiming that men who send money to women they are not married will unavoidably be consumed by hellfire, a Nigerian preacher has been successful in gaining enormous online attention.

The preacher who was speaking to her congregation during a Sunday church activity warned the men against cheating and favouring other women.

The woman claimed that when men give money to women who are not their spouses, they also give their souls. She maintained that such people would face eternal damnation.

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A number of internet users have been amused by the unidentified clergywoman’s bold assertion in the video, which GossipMill TV shared.

See reactions the post video generated;

In a related development, after learning that her husband had been sleeping with her younger sister who is only fourteen years old, a married woman has directed her predicament to probably a Facebook group.

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The mother said that the little girl had just come to stay with her temporarily and that she hadn’t anticipated her husband would go to such lengths as to defile the 14-year-old.

She continued by saying she had never trusted her husband and felt bad that he had gone so far as to commit such a heinous act.

She sought assistance from a group of women on social media known as “ONCE A MUM, ALWAYS A MUM INITIATIVE! (OMAM)” and shared her experience with them.

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In her words,

“Please mom’s help your daughter, I just found out my husband has been sleeping with my younger sister who is staying with me. What should I do please do I’ll be returning her to my parents by Monday, in as much as I never trusted him but I never knew he will stoop so low to defile my little sis of 14 years old. I feel like ending this marriage please advise me I feel really terrible please moms.”


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