Appietus angrily insults Badu Kobi after ethnocentric comment (Video)

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Ghanaian record producer Appiah Dankwah aka Appietus has fired shots at Prophet Badu Kobi for attacking Ashanti women.

Prophet Badu Kobi, the leader and founder of Glorious Wave Chapel International, in a video gone viral is seen insulting Ashanti women as being materialistic, Fante Women been fools and Ewe women being dormant. He simply said they are not marriage materials admonishing prospective husbands to never dare to marry them.

“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done research and it is so,” he claimed. “Ashanti ladies are ungrateful to their husband and I have to say it. They have a proverb translated as ‘Ashantis don’t remember’ and if you marry them and go broke, you will see how they will roast you,” Badu Kobi said.

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The viral video has attracted numerous condemnation from all angles and reacting to this, Appietus vented his anger and blasted the ‘man of God’, calling him ‘a fool and stupid’.

“He’s insulted the Ashanti Queen. I’m an Ashanti and I know he’s a fool and stupid,” UTV captured Appietus on Monday (July 29) making this statement.

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He condemned Badu Kobi for extending his anger with his wife to other Ashanti women and further tagged him as ‘divisive’.

“If you have a problem with your wife (who is an Ashanti), why come out to condemn all? If your wife is greedy, does it mean all Ashanti women are greedy?” he quizzed. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t believe a man of God at his age could make such a statement. If Jesus Christ brought such division, will it be better for us? He is being divisive.”

According to Appietus, fellow men of God wouldn’t make such statement and that he should apologise or face the wrath of Ashantis and the Queen.

“I can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself. Do you think Rev Obofour, Mensah Otabil and Duncan Williams will do this? Are Ashanti women not in his church? He should be taken on by Ashanti women and should apologise.”

Watch the video below:

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