Applicants ask for refund after Ghana Police Service recruit only 2,000 personnel out of 108,364 applications, making GH¢10M in returns

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The recruitment process into the Ghana Police Service and other affiliate security services has officially ended.

But the process has left a sour taste in the mouth of applicants who ran helter-skelter to buy forms and submit their applications with the hope of going through.

Already, many had the perception that the Security Services have already picked those they want to recruit thus the recruitment process opened to the public was much ado about nothing.

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That is how come many are calling for a refund of their money after the recruitment process into the Ghana Police Service ended with the service recruiting a paltry 5,000 personnel out of 108,364 applications.

According to the Police Service recruitment numbers, a total number of 108,364 independent applications were received. Upon perusal, only 93,154 qualified per the information they provided, the other 15,210 had their applicantions disqualified.

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The Fire Service, Immigration Service, and the Prisons Service will recruit only 2,000 personnel each.

Per the calculations, each application voucher costs GH¢100, so with 108,364 applications received by the service, it means the service made a whopping GH¢10,836,400 in returns.

On the back of that, many are calling for the immediate refund of monies to applicants who were disqualified or not recruited. According to these disgruntled applicants, it is unfair for the service to be making money off people especially when they knew the number of personnel they will be recruiting.

Nimelaibi wrote: They should refund the application fees to the unsuccessful applicants. The state budget has already accommodated the recruitment expenditure.

Gh Billgates wrote: Why is it that state institutions sell application forms in the first place? Our universities are ripping off potential students each year and the security agencies are doing same. Sad thing is, they keep increasing the price each year for no reason

Max wrote: Absolutely. Application fees taken from ppl who are going lay down their lives for the country? My God!!! What a classical thievery. So sad

Mega wrote: Corruption started from the police service …taking money from people without giving them job …and after arresting people for stealing …You guys are not exception


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